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PieMoc3 Taylor Pie, and Michael O’Connor will be on the road again in May with their unique way of sharing their original compositions together in front of an audience!  This tour,  they take their songs to the southeast, starting in Birmingham, AL, on May 7th, and what better way to begin their songswarm than at Moonlight on the Mountain!  Then they’ll head over towards the Liberty Arts Center in Liberty, Tennessee for a Friday, May 8th performance where the swarm ensemble will include Anne McCueAnnecrop - sm

A swarm with these three very fine musician singer-songwriters will fill the room quickly, so RSVP soon!   Liberty Arts Center   seats about 40 folks and you can go to the website,  send an email or leave a message on the number listed there!  If you’re in the area, grab a seat and feast your ears!

ShadesofTimecdThe official Pozo Seco Singers website is where you can purchase the re-release of the group’s final Columbia album, “Shades of Time” @ the best online price available.  There is a fabulous history of the group tucked inside, along with 11 singles that never made it on an album before Pie and Don Williams left the label like, “I Believed it All”, “Louisiana Man”, and “Morning Dew”, and if you order from their website, you can even get it autographed!

FCsmThe Pozo album is a great companion cd to Pie’s first solo album after Don and Pie retired the group, which is available now on the CDBaby shelves! Allen Reynolds not only produced the record, but you’ll hear him singing throughout, playing guitar and even whistling on Dolly Parton’s song, “Blue Ridge Mountain Boy.”

Thanks to all of you who’ve purchased a copy already and are now spreading the word to others.  You are still PuffBunny’s main marketing network, and your support is what keeps us coming with the music!  And don’t worry, we’ll keep the shipments going out to make sure those of you who don’t have a copy yet, can get one!

And if you haven’t seen the article posted about Pie by Les Marcott for Scene4 Magazine,  it is a must read for Pie and Susan fans alike!  Thank you Les for a beautifully written account of our Americana folk pop artist extraordinaire!

Over at our sister site, Liberty Arts in Tennessee, you’ll find Liberty Arts LIVE performances by Pie picking and singing with the likes of Dalton Roberts and Ruby Lovett.  Enjoy!

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