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If you haven't seen this great Q&A blog  "Everything Sundry" created by Kathy Sands-Boehmer, check out her indepth look at Taylor Pie's latest creative mission, the songswarm!  


Songswarm Vol. 1 is AVAILABLE NOW!


Songswarm Vol. 1

Featuring songs from: Taylor Pie, Jeff Plankenhorn, Michael O'Connor, Greg Whitfield, George Ensle and Jack Saunders.

A Songswarm (sawng-swarm, www.songswarm.us) is when two or three songwriters practice the art of improvisational accompaniment on each other’s original songs in front of an audience.

Elmore Magazine :

ALBUM REVIEWS - June 21st, 2017 Various Artists Songswarm Vol. 1 Label: Puffbunny Records Release Date: 05/09/2017 A songswarm occurs when two or three songwriter performers improvise and accompany on each others original songs. Enter Taylor Pie, a folk singer well known for her time with the Pozo-Seco Singers. Taylor missed having other folks on stage during solo performances, and so the Songswarm project began. For four years, live, multi-tracked recordings were collected throughout music venues in Texas. You’ll find yourself joining in on the swarms too. “Throw a Nickel” by Michael O’Connor is catchy, as is Taylor Pie’s “Oh, Mandolin.” Both pull you into some deep roots and you feel as though you’re a big part of the album as well. For a unique folksong experience, look no further. This is “Volume One”; I certainly hope another set isn’t too far behind. —Brenda Hillegas

The Alternate Root :

"The title from the recent Songswarm release is a noun. By definition, Songswarm is ‘two or three performers practicing their art or act of improvisational accompaniment on each other’s original songs in front of an audience’. PuffBunny Records ups the ante for the pot of tracks collected on Songswarm, Vol. 1, offering six songwriters with two tracks each on the release. Taylor Pie, the catalyst and producer for the project, plays on the album as well as surrounding herself with top tunesmiths from the Lone Star State.Songswarm, Vol.1 presents music from Texans such as Michael O’Connor, Jeff Plankenhorn, George Ensle, Greg Whitfield, and Jack Saunders.
The players offer their music as they back each other instrumentally on the album. Taylor Pie (Susan Taylor) has a resume in music going back to the 1960’s as a part of the Pozo Seco Singers who took their hit “Time” to the top of the charts. She fronted the City Country band in New York City in the 1970’s and traveled as a solo act during the 1980’s. Throughout her career, the art of the song was at the heart of what Taylor Pie found important about playing. She found a home in the Songswarm movement feeling that it ‘has become my favorite way to walk on a stage’. Songswarm, Vol. 1 offers two tracks from Taylor Pie as she closes out the compilation with “Peace Within” joined by George Ensle and Jack Saunders , and brings in help for “Oh, Mandolin” from Michael O’Connor and Jeff Plankenhorn to form a trio of mandolins to back her song. Greg Whitfield whispers the story of a guitar born in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with “Martin’s Song” as George Ensle strums folk blues for “Knee Deep in a River” and Jack Saunders tells the tale of a troubadour in “This Highway”. The gathering of musicians presents the gentle picking of Michael O’Connor, a South Texas Walk of Fame recipient singing his “Homesick Boy” and a hard luck story with a rambling rhythm called “Throw a Nickel”. Jeff Plankenhorn brings his own guitar creation (The Plank) into Songswarm, Vol. 1, relating a tale of temptation with “Trouble Find Me” and welcomes Taylor Pie on mandolin for a metaphoric story titled, “The Mess”.

"So Little Has Changed" Video Released!

This new video release from Julian Chojnacki and Take 8 Films of the classic song by Taylor Pie (and also the title of her CD on PuffBunny Records), has an updated musical production by Pie and Peter "Ren" Renfree of AREN Creative.

In 2015 we watched Taylor Pie's induction into the National Traditional Country Music Assn Hall of Fame and applauded The Oak Ridge Boys inclusion of "Peace Within", cowritten with Allen Reynolds & Dicky Lee, on their widely acclaimed "Rock of Ages" gospel album.  Pie and Ruby Lovett also got a cut on  Dale Ann Bradley's cd, "Pocket Full of Keys" which was a grammy nominated bluegrass album of the year!  Dale Ann did a fine version of "Hard Lesson Road"! Congratulations to all! Here's Taylor Pie about to board the PuffBunny plane in Sioux City for Tennessee.  She was inducted into the National Traditional Country Music Assn Hall of Fame on Sept. 5th in LaMars, Iowa, and performed on stage that evening with her old friend Jerre Haskew, formerly of The Cumberland Trio, who received a Lifetime Achievement award from the association.  His wife, Barbara was also there to accept folk album of the year for the Haskew family's "Songs From the Fiery Gizzard."    Congratulations again!


FAIHClogosm Liberty Arts House Concerts is an official Folk Alliance International sanctioned venue and we are proud to be a sponsor of the music they  bring to their community in Liberty, TN! Many of our fine Texas musicians have played  at the Liberty Arts Center and we are actively involved in helping livestream events. If you want to get in on the wonderful performances and are not able to be there in person, subscribe to Liberty Arts LIVE and get invitations via of your email to upcoming events.


The official Pozo Seco Singers website is where you can purchase the re-release of the group's final Columbia album, "Shades of Time" @ the best online price available.  There is a fabulous history of the group tucked inside, along with 11 singles that never made it on an album before Pie and Don Williams left the label like, "I Believed it All", "Louisiana Man", and "Morning Dew", and if you order from their website, you can even get it autographed!

FCsmThe Pozo album is a great companion cd to Pie's first solo album after Don and Pie retired the group, which is available now on the CDBaby shelves! Allen Reynolds not only produced the record, but you'll hear him singing throughout, playing guitar and even whistling on Dolly Parton's song, "Blue Ridge Mountain Boy."

Thanks to all of you who've purchased a copy already and are now spreading the word to others.  You are still PuffBunny's main marketing network, and your support is what keeps us coming with the music!  And don't worry, we'll keep the shipments going out to make sure those of you who don't have a copy yet, can get one!

And if you haven't seen the article posted about Pie by Les Marcott for Scene4 Magazine,  it is a must read for Pie and Susan fans alike!  Thank you Les for a beautifully written account of our Americana folk pop artist extraordinaire!